People often ask about the relationship between our 'Steady Start mode' and Reaction.

Steady Start is very handy for avoiding those nuisance false starts.

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The SpeedStart ALWAYS triggers when the athlete LEAVES the beam. 
If you set "reaction" on any GATE, it will also trigger when the athlete leaves. 
Its particularly useful for a 5-10-5 test. To build this test just drag a single gate on the pagedrop a cone each side of the gate. Link both ways between gate and cones. tap on gate and set 'splits=3' i.e. a start, a split and a split. 
Save test. 
Now Natalies question regarding Speedstart. What you need to do is select , from the Home page "Options"/ Steady Start. With this enabled any device any device configured to trigger on LEAVING, will experience the following

1. Gates will have RED light on prior to test 
2. Athlete puts foot in SpeedStart ot stands in gate BOTH Red and Green come on 
3. Once the athlete has held position for 3 seconds, the REd goes out, Buzzer sounds ad Green stays on 
4. Athlete starts when ready.

NB: If the athlete triggeres the device before the 3 seconds elapses, the 3 second timer restarts

Note: If you set 'Reaction' on in the starting device, you will get, in addition to normal split times, the time taken for athlete to move AFTER Red light goes out.

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