Making a 5-10-5 Pro Agility with one Gate in Test Designer

5-10-5 Test with a single gate
Lots of people ask me how to achieve the above. Its quite simple. 
On the User Home page of the SpeedLight app, go to Options in the bottom right corner and select Steady Start under the Starting option.

Now open the Test designer page. Drag a single gate on the page.


Drag a cone on as well, and using two fingers connect a  back-track from cone to gate. This is achieved by holding your finger on the cone and then tapping the gate.

Drag a second cone onto the test designer page. Break the link between the two cones. Put a track from this last placed cone and the gate. Put a backtrack from gate to Cone.


Here is the important part. Tap on the gate, select 'Reaction", and set repeats to '3' .

Don't forget to save your test! 

Your test will operate like this. Athlete stands looking at gate , with reflector behind. The coach 'Arms' the system. Athlete waits for the Green Light to come on, and leaves when it does. In this way you get a reaction time, a split from leaving to the right hand cone, a split from right hand cone back to the centre, and a split from gate out to the left hand cone and back. Give it a try!

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