Wi-Fi Access Point Firmware (November 2016)

Latest Update: November 2016
Note: This firmware update is required by those using the DIR-510L D-Link device only. Small white box.
Make sure you keep your Wi-Fi Access Point (D-Link) firmware up to date!
The update will only take a few minutes of your time, and will help to ensure effortless communication between your SpeedLight devices and your iPad!
Your D-Link should have a label on the device itself with it's model. This may be: SpeedLAN_X, SpeedLAN_RED, SpeedLAN_GRAY, or SpeedLAN_BLUE. If there is no label on the D-Link, you can find the model name by switching on your D-Link and looking at the name of the Wi-Fi network generated in your iPad settings - it will be one of the four SpeedLAN networks mentioned above.
Once you have found the model of Wi-Fi Access Point you have, you can simply download the easy to follow installation guide below, along with the appropriate updated configuration file.
Select the appropriate configuration file:

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