SpeedLight Firmware Update

Every so often Swift Performance release firmware upgrades to your SpeedLight Gates. Conveniently, this update can be carried out yourself in just a few minutes - no need to return your equipment to Swift. When connecting your SpeedLight Gates to the SpeedLight application, a message will appear in the Setup & Connection page if an update is required.
To update the SpeedLight Gate, firstly download the compressed folder found HERE. Once downloaded, follow the steps below which guide you through the simple update process.
  1. Extract ALL individual files from the downloaded folder and store them on a USB drive (LESS THAN 16GB).
  2. Ensure the SpeedLight Gate is turned off.
  3. Insert the USB into the designated slot on the front of the gate.
  4. Turn the gate on. Wait 15 seconds.
  5. Remove the USB from the gate.
  6. Restart the gate by holding down the 'ON' button for 5 seconds.
    The gate will now restart with the updated firmware version installed and is ready for use.
  7. If after updating, the buzzer in the gate is emitting a continuous 'beeeep'. the update failed. The gate needs to be reset by pushing a straightened paperclip through the the tiny hole found directly above the USB socket (approx 8mm above). Note: Using a Flashdrive over 16GB will cause this problem. (8GB is best)
The SpeedStart can be updated with the same method, using the same files. 
The SpeedLink and SpeedReader can also be updated via the same files, however this is upgraded via a MicroSD card (included in your system when purchased). Follow the same procedure as above to update the SpeedLink/SpeedReader. The only difference is during Step 6 - hold down the power button to turn off your device. When the device is restarted, the new firmware will have been installed.

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