Ezejump Overview

Ezejump is Swift's Latest vertical Jump measuring device.
This product supercedes the SpeedMat which is no longer in production. Unlike the SpeedMat, the Ezejump is a standalone device that does not require use of any other Speedlight hardware.
Ezejump is different to SpeedMat in several aspects.
  • Almost twice as much surface area 31" x 31" (795x795mm), compared to Speedmats 24"x24" (600x600cm)
  • Ezejump has a robust Stainless Steel top surface
  • Charging is wireless Qi charging
  • The system is stand-alone, i.e. it does not require any Speedlink, Dlink etc.
  • The Ezejump comes with a free app (with in-app purchases coming soon for extended features)
See a couple of quick videos taken in the lab.
DRAFT DATASHEET: REV 1.0.1                               Date : 20-mar-2014
Product: Ezejump Wireless Jumpmat (Patent applied for)
Use: Vertical jump measurement device
Only suitable for use with dedicated App (in Beta, but available on App-store. Search for Ezejump)
Data Delivered
  • Free App
    • SJ (Squat JUMP)
    • SJm (weight- Squat JUMP)
    • VJ -  non weighted vertical jump
    • VJm - weighted vertical jump
    • CMJ -non weighted Counter movement jump
    • CMJm - weighted Counter movement jump
    • DJ - Drop Jump (need to record Height)
    • DJm - Weighted Drop Jump (Need to record Height)
    • Average power
    • Max Taps in defined Period (Fast feet)
NOTE: The following is preliminary data only. Items may change
  • Subscription Version- To be released
    • Cloud Sync With Speedlight Live database
    • Independent Left/Right Measurements
      • First Leg on Time
      • First Leg off Time
      • Last Leg on Time
      • Last Leg off Time
      • Delta measurements
    • Peak Power Output
    • Power: Mass Ratiio W/Kg
    • Non Concentric impulse (Bosco)
    • Leg Stiffness (Bosco)
    • FT/CT Ratio
    • Fatigue Index
    • Tapping
    • Total Flight Time
    • Average Flight Time
    • Total Contact Time
    • Average Contact Time
    • Tapping Coefficient
    • Fast Feet L-R Tapping
    • Contact and Flight time L-R Independent
    • Biofeedback
      • Set targets for jump height
      • Feedback Visual colour block on app
      • 3 Colour. Above Below or on target.
      • Audio from app. Beep/Boop over under by x %
  • Jump Height/ Contact Time
  • Jump Height / RSI
  • Peak Power / RSI
  • Average Power / RSI
  • Peak Impulse Power vs Contact Time
  • Peak Impulse Power vs RSI
Video Capture
  • TBA
Timing Specifications
  • Contact time (1ms Resolution)
  • Flight time (1ms Resolution)
  • Jump height- Calculated displacement of center of mass (1cm res.)
Hardware Description:
  • Propriety design switching mechanism
  • Switch displacement on actuation 0.8mm
  • Dimensions 790mm x 790mm
  • Connection via BT4.0 – Worldwide approval
  • Construction- Manufactured timber , Stainless Steel, PVC
  • Qi Charging
    • Rechargeable LiPo battery
    • Comes with Qi charger and Power adaptor (International Plugs)
  • Battery Life
    • Sleep 400 days year
    • Continual Use 40 hrs in full operation
  • Dimensions 790mm x790mm x 15mm
    • Weight 14kg (31lbs)
  • Dimensions in Shipping box 950mm x 1050mm x 50mm
    • Shipping Weight 16.5kg (36lbs)
Available Accessories
  • Flight Case
  • Battery Replacement Kit

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