Connecting your ezejump

Here are some instructions and a download link to a short video demonstrating how to connect to your ezejump device via the free ezejump app.
The video below contains an ezejump being connected to an iPad Mini 2 (20th June 2018). Please note your setup procedure may differ slightly with different devices and operating systems e.g. Android devices.
Simply, the steps that are demonstrated in the following video include:
  1. Ensuring Bluetooth is enabled on your device.
    Please note the ezejump uses BLE to connect to the app, this means you DO NOT have to connect to the mat in the device Bluetooth Settings. You only need to make sure Bluetooth is turned on, the app will take care of the rest.
  2. Open the ezejump app.
  3. Create an account, or sign in to your existing account. Make sure you are connected to the Internet!
  4. Turn on your ezejump by stepping/pressing on the stainless steel surface.
    Notice the yellow and blue lights turn on when you activate the ezejump. 
    The blue light will flash quickly at first while it is searching for the ezejump app. Once the app has been found, the blue light will flash considerably slower as it pairs with your app and your device.
    When the ezejump has connected to the app successfully, you will see the Bluetooth symbol appear in the top right corner of your app as shown in the video.
  5. Now when you press/step on the mat, it will beep when contact is made.
You are now ready to start testing!
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