Issues Charging ezejump

If you place the Wireless Charging Pad in position on your ezejump and the Red Charging Light DOES NOT turn on, it may be because of one of the following reasons:
  1. The wireless charging pad is not powered, or in the correct position

    When you connect power to your Wireless Charging Pad via the supplied MicroUSB Charger, you should see a light on the Charging Pad on the opposite side of the Charger connection. This may be green, blue, or flashing green and blue.

    Green - Power has been supplied to the Charging Pad,
    Blue - Occurs when the Charging Pad successfully detects the Charging Coil (inside your ezejump)
    Green & Blue Flashing - Charging Pad has detected a foreign conductive object such as the Stainless Steel of your ezejump device.

    Place your powered Wireless Charging Pad (with a Green light) into the marked position on the ezejump surface. Ensure you can see the label on the Charging Pad stating "THIS SIDE UP". The light on the Charging Pad should now turn Blue.
  2. Your ezejump is already fully charged

    If your ezejump already has a full charge in the battery, the red light will not turn on.
    The red charging light will only turn on when it is in charging mode. The light on your Wireless Charging Pad should be blue still when placing it into the correct position.
  3. Your ezejump has been completely discharged 

    Sometimes if the ezejump has been completely discharged, charging may not start immediately when placing the Wireless Charging Pad into position on the ezejump.

    To get it started, hold the powered Wireless Charging Pad 5cm / 2" above it's charging position on the board, and slowly lower it into position sitting on the board. Repeat this 5 times, or until the red Charging Light turns on and stays on.

    If the Charging Light turns on, leave the ezejump to charge for a couple of hours. Check periodically over the first 15 minutes to ensure the ezejump is still charging. If the red charging light turns off in the first 15 minutes, repeat the above process.
  4. There is an issue with your battery/charging circuit

    If still you can not charge your ezejump, firstly try resetting the device. You will see a small grey dot in between the Status Lights of the ezejump - this is the Reset Switch.
    Use a small thin object, such as the end of a paperclip, to pierce through the top sticker and reset the device.

    If you are still having issues, contact Swift via
    Please let us know the issue you're having and the serial number of your device. Swift will be in contact as soon as possible to help resolve your issues.

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