How does Swift Speedlight compare to other systems?

This is a question we get asked a lot.
On the surface , other offerings in the market system appears very similar to the Swift Performance Speedlight System, with the main obvious difference being the lack of a 21st century smart device for controlling your tests.
Some use a handheld PDA with their system, that running on old Windows CE technology .
Swift decided that a little company called APPLE had put so much money into developing the iPad along with an amazing software distribution system via the Appstore, the we would be nuts not to develop on this platform. 
We wanted to offer our customers a truly up to date system , with no return to manufacturer nightmares for software updates, or license additions etc.
The other thing you'll notice is our use of Dual beam gates. Dual beam is all about accuracy. Have a read about our views on this  here.
History has proved us right. Customers love our SpeedLight app.  Unlike the others, we have brought to the industry a truly friendly Speedlight Systems app, that offers a true drag and drop test designer along with a simple intuitive interface that makes testing so easy.
Download the app today, and run it in simulation mode, so you can learn first hand, the joy of truly great software design.
Do all your agility, reaction, vertical jump tests with ease.
  • Dual beam gates for ACCURACY . 
    • You will be told otherwise, but we use two beams for good reason. Have a read here
  • We use a large footprint tripod, that ensures stable operation . 
    • Smaller stands, as fusion use, will be a problem in windy conditions outdoors
  • Faster setup times.
    • We have Laser aligning beam to assist with gate alignment 
  • Long Range
    • Our competition state 200m range with their systems, which relates directly to the fact that they do not have external antennas, Speedlight does up to 400m
  • A real battery monitoring system,
    • .... like your cell-phone to inform you of battery status. Some manufacturers still uses older Nimh battery technology. We use Lithium Polymer for long reliable life and accurate predictions.
  • Our app is free, forever
    • Free on the appstore
  • Easy, FREE firmware updates
    • We distribute firmware updates for gates embedded in the App, so there is no need to return gates to the factory for upgrades like some others.
  • 2D custom designer for your own tests. 
    • We are leaders in this technology. No-one else offers it. Once you own a system you will find you'll be wanting to try new things. Swift Speedlight App for ipad makes this so easy its not funny.
  • MultiZone testing
    • Our app allows up to 4 different tests to be run simultaneously from the same iPad. Our competitors have Multi-lane, which means same test across all lanes. We have Multi-Zone.
  • Wireless Vertical jump
    • Our Speedmat is completely wireless. Other  mats force you to connect it to a Timing gate to transfer times, which ties up an expensive gate unnecessarily
  • FREE Leaderboard. 
    • Because we are iPad based, and the system comes with its own portable wifi access point, all you need is an Apple TV device plugged into a widescreen TV and you'll have a fantastic Leaderboard to engage your athletes. This can be used with our RFID Speedtags , but in most cases because the leaderboard brings up the name of the next athlete to be tested, it makes RFID tags redundant in when testing smaller groups
  • 12 Month WARRANTY
    • All customer support and repairs
    • Hot-Swap service is available for those times when a fast turnaround is required
  • FREE On-line One-on One Support
    • We can share our iPad screen with you anytime, to offer training and trouble shooting services when require

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