Speedlight Timing Gates

Speedlight Timing gates as of January 2016 can be found in the following versions
  1. Speedlight Wired Timing gates....where it all began.  
  2. Early model Speedlight TT  'A' gates can be identified by
    1. Wireless
    2. No Speedstrobe
    3. No USB input on front of gate
    4. Rectangular Optical Sensors
    5. No alignment Laser
    6. No serial number sticker (generally)
  3.  Speedlight TT "B" gates
    1. As per model A , but with a mini USB connector on piggy-back board visible under the top cap for firmware upgrades
  4. Speedlight V2 "C" gates carried a range of improvements 
    1. New style Optical sensors
    2. USB connector for firmware upgrade
    3. Laser alignment tool
    4. A connector under the top cap for connection of a Speedstrobe
    5. Serial number sticker
  5. Speedlight V2 "D", our latest, have in addition to C gates
    Download Specification here.
    1. Lithium Polymer batteries
    2. Smart battery charge level monitoring
    3. Integral Speedstrobe

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