Swift Access Point

Recent updates in mobile phone operating systems has resulted in these devices scanning for available Wi-Fi networks 10x faster than in the past.

Because our SpeedLink is visible, smart devices like phones will ask it for a connection.

The SpeedLink of course rejects these queries, but in the case of lots of phones it can get busy doing this, and the result is either system lag, visible via slow response of timing gates etc, or Wi-Fi dropouts .

The quick fix if you see this when outdoors with your team, is to ask for phones to be put in Flight mode.

An even better fix....and a permanent one, is to talk to us about getting an Access Point device. (You may have heared this referred to as a Range-Extender or D-Link in the past)

Its a low cost little box, like the SpeedLink , that sets up an Infrastructure network.

The nice thing is it hides the SpeedLink from prying devices PLUS, it sets up a network that will let you use an Apple TV for our FREE Leaderboard function.

Contact us if you'd like to know more about our Access Point device!



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